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Welcome to our Guitar Gear Giveaway!

Before you do anything else, please click the button below to register to get your name in the drawing to win something cool from our weekly prize draw. By registering for our guitar gear giveaway you'll also receive weekly updates. Amazing prizes and valuable content will be given away every day, so click the button below to register now:

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What's the 'Guitar Gear Giveaway' all about?

Here at JamFast Guitar HQ we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Kickstarter campaign and would like to celebrate this milestone by offering this fun Guitar Gear Giveaway.

We believe that this giveaway will not only create excitement around our campaign but also provide an opportunity for you to win some amazing prizes. We are doing this giveaway as a way to show our appreciation for your support and to thank you for being a part of our journey.

Your participation in our campaign and in this giveaway means a lot to us and we hope to continue to have your support. We encourage you to share our campaign and this giveaway with your friends and family to help us reach our funding goals.

Thank you for reading and good luck!

What Should You Expect?

Over the next couple weeks you should expect to receive great content from us encouraging you on your guitar learning journey.

We'll also share with you a little more about our massive goal: to create a guitarist in every home and how we are going to accomplish this through our new and exciting platform.

Each Sunday we'll announce the winner of the giveaway so you can see if you won!

This is guaranteed to be FUN and INSIGHTFUL, make sure you don't miss it, get registered right now, and we'll be in touch again very soon!

Let the fun begin and keep jamming,

Laurel & Marty McLean

Jam To an Update...

Welcome, and WHY do you want to play guitar?

Speed up your transitions with the 'Three A's of Transitioning'

Start playing like a lead guitarist in no time!

The Winners:

  • April 2: Guitar Tuner & Capo Set - Jordan, jor***91@gmail.com
  • April 9: Travel Guitar 'Gig' Bag - Fox, jw***3@yahoo.com
  • April 16: 10 Ft. Quarter Inch Professional Cable - John S., fis***le@gmail.com
  • April 23: Guitar Strap - Denna, pic***in@gmail.com
  • April 30: Adjustable Guitar Stand - Mike M., toe***ver@yahoo.com
  • May 7: Mini HoneyTone Amp - Ronnica R, r***c4@gmail.com
  • May 14: Grand Prize Winner Gets Gear Bundle - Donald S, st***on@gmail.com

Click here to find out how to claim your prize and to read about the terms & conditions

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